Rock Opens Bad Disruption Black Adam Mystery Chest

2022 Is going to do really well for cinemas, and marvel and DC leading the way by producing such amazing movies.

2021 was peculiarly framed by chaotic pandemics and the closure of movie theatres. People took over to OTT platforms rather than going out to theatres to watch movies.

As a number of film releases have been postponed since 2021, the production houses have expectations from viewers that they could now pick up a long-lost track.

A report by Fandango has revealed that Marvel and DC have Mistry chest to open for fans, just waiting for the right tap

Seeing Robert Pattinson as Batman or Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam are going to be the two best anticipated cinematic experiences ever!

Coming July of 2022 superhero series fans is going to be amazed by a DC movie when Black Adam will make its debut in cinema.

According to Johnson Adam is going to be a bad disruption. And that’s what concreted him and kept him going for over 10 years. Despite getting several offers to play superheroes in the past few years.

The character is expected to cause a lot of damage in the aligned DC movie and could easily be proven a game-changer in the DC universe

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