Samantha Ruth  Secret Workout

Prabhu's Fitness

Aerial Yoga

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a fitness lover and the secret of her strong core is aerial yoga. The actress has shared a lot of video while she does aerial yoga

Gym time!

Samantha is quite regular to the gym. Weight lifting is one of the best way to strengthen your core


Look at her fit body! Well, we truly need to follow Samantha to get a toned and fit body like her


A cartwheel exercise is also one of the best and Samantha is learning it with dedication. Isn't it inspiring?


Samantha Ruth Prabhu loves yoga and her pictures on Instagram are proof. She is truly an inspiration!

Time for some push-ups!

Another exercise to strengthen your core is push-ups and Samantha is acing it!


Well, meditation is the most important thing for your body and Samantha truly believes in it

Love for fitness

We told you, Samantha loves aerial yoga! She is totally killing it, isn't she?


Samantha believes getting strong doesn’t start in the gym it starts in your head. Being positive is necessary to be fit.

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